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Song and Dance Ensemble "Lubartowiacy"
The Song and Dance Ensemble "Lubartowiacy" was founded in 1959. He has had over 1,500 concerts in the country and abroad. He has performed, among others in Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Germany, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Bulgaria, the former Yugoslavia, and Turkey. By participating in many international folklore festivals, he won numerous awards and distinctions. Among them was the distinction of the rector of the University of Izmir during the festival in Turkey (1991), and the award for the performance of a polonaise at the VII Polish National Dance Review in Lubaczów (1999). For promoting folk culture, in 2005 he received the "People's Oscar" from the Association of Folk Artists in Lublin. In 1994, the City Council awarded him the honorary title of "For Merits to the City of Lubartów".

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The history of the "Lubartowiacy" band dates back to 1977, where the "Jędrusie" band operated in the County House of Culture in Lubartów, and the "Podlasiacy" band operated in Skrobów at that time. Both bands decided to merge and the folk band "Lubartowiacy" was formed. Its first manager was Andrzej Ziętkiewicz, who actively played and sang in the band. Józef Wałach and Mieczysław Lisek also played in the band for a long time. Whole generations have played there, as exemplified by the Dzięcioł family. From 1990, the band cooperated with the Song and Dance Ensemble "Lubartowiacy", accompanying him at concerts in Poland and abroad. They accompanied the band and conducted vocal classes: Kazimierz Kisielewski, Edward Raubo, Hieronim Lasoń. The "Lubartowiacy" band in its repertoire has folk songs and melodies, songs popular from various regions of Poland, as well as feast and patriotic songs, and Christmas carols. He takes part in festivals, bands and reviews, where folk music performers from Poland and abroad present their achievements. He participates in concerts on the occasion of integration meetings, state anniversaries, harvest festivals and church celebrations.

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Dance classes are aimed at: children, adolescents, adults and seniors of various levels of advancement, in pairs and solo. In our classes, we prefer emotional ballroom dancing, which is divided into two dance styles: standard and Latin American. In addition, at dance courses for teenagers and adults, functional dance is introduced, necessary at every dance prom, banquet or wedding reception. The youngest participants have music and movement classes with elements of ballroom dancing, which lead to the comprehensive, harmonious development of the organism. We organize recruitment for classes in September and February. It is possible to join groups of beginners during the season. For many years, we have been teaching our pupils to take their first dance steps, we train dance pairs at a high level, including the medalists of the National Ballroom Dance Tournaments. We organize dance tournaments, go to dance camps and trainings.

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The Academy is dedicated to children, teenagers and adults who would like to learn to sing. We also invite all those who are already singing and want to improve their skills. It is possible to join during the season.

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At the CyberSkill robotics club, students learn the basics of programming and machine construction. During each of the 26 meetings, we build a different robot, getting to know their possibilities and practicing new skills. During the electronics workshop, we discover the secrets of electricity, checking how capacitors, resistors and potentiometers work. We work according to proven original lesson scenarios, in line with the core curriculum for grades 0-3. The classes are aimed at children aged 7 to 9. You can join the group at any time.

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