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Free time is a priceless good these days. In his spare time, Lubartów invites you to spend time actively. The offer includes walks, recreation through sports, cinema, and numerous clubs associating various age groups.

Park of Princes of the Sanguszko

After revitalization, the park is a place where residents of Lubartów like to spend their free time. The vegetation and architecture in the park are enchanting, and you can fish in the park's pond. It is a meeting and resting place for families with children, young people and seniors.

park lubartow

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The shelter on the Wieprz River

This project responds to the needs of residents who are unable to organize, for example, a free barbecue with friends in the city. The shelter is also the base for concerts and cultural events organized by the Wieprz River. It serves all residents of the city, as well as tourists who can relax here while sailing on the Wieprz River.

wiata nad wieprzem
fot: Radosław Czarnecki

Club Senior+

The increase in the number of seniors requires taking actions aimed at facilitating their functioning in society, as well as creating a new educational and training offer targeted at this target group. Therefore, the "Senior +" Club was established at the Lubartów Cultural Center.

seniorzy lok

The project is aimed at people over 60 years of age living in the City of Lubartów.

The main tasks of the "Senior +" Club are integration, awakening interests and cultural needs, education and promotion of a healthy lifestyle.
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The Lewart cinema is an inseparable element of the city's history. It gathered a large crowd of residents and was an entertainment center. The greatest number of inhabitants flocked to the cinema in the 1960s and 1970s of the last century. This was when Westerns came to theaters.

kino lewart

Since July 12, 1995, the cinema has been operating as one of the activities of the Lubartów Cultural Center. It has an auditorium with 196 seats. The cinema is equipped with a Dolby Stereo SR sound system. From February 2009, the hall has an enlarged stage with lighting and stage sound system, serving as a spectacle used by the Lubartów Cultural Center.

From May 29, 2021 there is a museum in the cinema where we can admire old projectors, photos, posters, tickets, invitations and memories of former employees. The gem among the exhibits is the 60-year-old AP-5 projector, produced by the Łódź Kinotechnical Plant, used for projection on a 35 mm film.