Privacy policy and cookies

The privacy policy and cookies can be found on the and, so that the right users are left that the owner of the website cares about their privacy. We do not investigate the users of the Office's website. We use the logic logs collected to perform administrative tasks, as well as the content of the website to be provided in order to perform the work.

Collection of data

We process personal data in connection with the taking of photos and videos during events undertaken or supported by the Municipality of the City of Lubartów. The image can be made available on our website and and social networks (FB, YT). For more information on data processing, see the GDPR tab - Information clauses.

Like most websites, we store HTTP requests (logs) that are directed to our servers. We recognize the collected data through URL addresses, but these data are not associated with specific people browsing the websites and

During a visit to the websites and, our servers automatically collect data about this visit:

1. the IP address from which the inquiry came,
2. name of the user's workstation - identification performed by the HTTP protocol, if possible,
3. username provided in the authorization process,
4. time of arrival of the inquiry,
5. the first line of the HTTP request,
6. HTTP response code,
7. number of bytes sent by the server,
8. information about the user's browser,
9. information about errors that occurred during the execution of the HTTP transaction.

How the data is used

The data indicated above is stored for an indefinite period of time as auxiliary material used to manage the website, e.g. by generating statistics (without identifying a natural person) determining how users use the website, which allows improving its structure and content. The information collected in the logs is not disclosed to anyone except those authorized to administer the server and the Office's network.

Use of cookies

The website and uses cookies (small text information stored by the user's browser) to adapt the content of the website to the preferences of users and to optimize the use of the website. They are also used to ensure the proper functioning of the website. and for statistical purposes. At and we do not use cookies that allow us to obtain any information (including personal data) about website users or to track their navigation.

In addition, general and anonymous static data are collected via the analytical tool Google Analytics (cookie administrator: Google Inc., based in the USA) to facilitate the use of our websit

Changing cookie settings

Most of the browsers used on computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices accept cookies by default. If you want to change the default settings, you can do so using the settings in your browser.

Below we present the settings path of the most popular browsers to change cookie settings:

Google Chrome
Menu> Settings> Show advanced settings> Privacy> Content settings> Cookies - select the appropriate option

Menu> Settings> Cookies and site permissions> Manage and delete cookies and site data - select the appropriate option

Internet Explorer
Menu> Tools> Internet Options> Privacy - select the appropriate option.

Mozilla Firefox
Menu> Options> Privacy> History - select the appropriate option.

Menu> Preferences> Advanced> Cookies - select the appropriate option.

Menu> Preferences> Privacy> Cookies - select the appropriate option.

Links to other sites

It is possible that on and you will find a redirection to other websites, however we have no influence on the use of privacy rules by other websites, so please read the Privacy Policy applicable on the websites.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The owner of the website and reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy by publishing a new Policy on the website in question.