The history of Lubartów dates back to the 16th century. Lewartów - Lubartów boasts a rich and beautiful tradition. The town's double name is associated with the families of its owners, the Firlej and Sanguszko families. On May 29, 1543, Piotr Firlej of Dąbrowica, voivode of Lublin, received from King Sigismund the Old a privilege allowing the founding of the town of Lewartów in the villages of Łucka and Szczekarków. The name Lewartów comes from the Firlejów coat of arms "Lewart". It was to remind the inhabitants of the owner and be a showcase of the family. The royal privilege founded the city on the Magdeburg Law.

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  • Education

    Renowned high schools and technology. 3 primary schools, kindergartens and nurseries.

  • Sport

    Meet yourself in sports. Use sports facilities. See our offer.

  • Recreation

    Take a rest and relax. The park and the beautiful surroundings await. Breathe clean air.

  • Your Town
    Your Town

    Decide what investments to implement with the Civic Budget.

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    Activities for the youngest, develop your children's passions with us.

  • Monuments

    Zamoyski Palace, Sanguszko Palace, religious monuments. You have to see.

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    Free time

    If you have some free time, pursue your interests in Lubartów.

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    Public transport

    Enjoy communication and bike paths. Move freely.